Is it game over for pinball fun in Parkdale?

I was just about to do a post this morning about my trip to The Pinball Cafe earlier this month, when I read a rather ominous-sounding article at blogTO regarding the future of the trendy Parkdale establishment. Apparently, the owners are in the middle of an effort to be awarded a zoning variance as the cafe is currently operating in violation of  General Zoning By-Law No. 438-86. The by-law prohibits “places of amusement” in the Parkdale area from having more than two pinball machines on its premises. While it certainly is worth questioning the wisdom behind starting this process after opening your business, I do wish owner Jason Hazzard success in his effort to keep the cafe open. I had a chance to visit The Pinball Cafe with my girlfriend shortly after it opened earlier this month (see post below), and it’s certainly not the kind of place I imagine the by-law was meant to protect the community from when it was originally promulgated. No drugs, gambling, or violence. Not even any alcohol. Hmm, maybe that’s what Toronto wants to save Parkdale from. Anyways, here’s the link to the article, and please read the post below about my trip the The Pinball cafe, if you’re interested in going there yourself. Thanks.


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